1. 3”x 3” Black Outline Only
  2. Design must be pre-approved by Nov 30th via Email at or in person at 3604 Fort Crook Rd South Bellevue, NE
  3. Tattoos are done on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS
  4. There will be no saving spots or CUTTING in line. If you leave you lose your spot in line. Once your name is on the clipboard, you can go warm up. NO ADDING PEOPLE if they did not wait with you.
  5. Hours of free tattoos 10am-8pm. Not before not after.
  6. A majority of the line will be outside SO DRESS WARM
  7. NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 13 in line or otherwise. (It’s cold outside!)
  8. There will be Security so BE NICE!
  9. Even if your design is Pre Approved, there IS NO GUARANTEE that we will be able to get to you. It is first come first serve and we will do as many as we possibly can.
  10. Use of Alcohol or Drugs will not be permitted and if you are intoxicated we cannot legally and will not tattoo you.

Quality Ink opened 12-12-12 in Nebraska. Owner Leon Alderette has been tattooing for over 25 years! Nicknamed the cover-up king, Leon has no limitations when it comes to color. Artist Mica Stewart specializes in Black and Grey and with 11 years experience his art is stunning. At Quality Ink you get high quality work in a Family Friendly relaxed environment. Getting a tattoo should be memorable, not scary, so Let’s make some friends. have some fun, and create beautiful art on skin.

Bring 7 people in 1 day to Quality Ink Tattoo who spend $70 or more each and YOU get a $250 Gift Certificate for more INK from your Favorite Artist!
(It’s Like your friends are paying for your new piece!)


Yes It’s Back. $700 = 1 body part-1 full day- One of our Artists will tattoo you from open till close or until your skin gives out or you say I Quit! Great way to start a full back piece or Sleeve. AND Get this!@ Lunch is included…

ALL Piercings are still $20.